Golden Islet Bracelet & Green Agates


925 Sterling silver 18kt gold plated adjustable braclet in cottom with green agates and bamboo corals | Agates and bamboo corals dimensions (each): 4 x 2 mm | Silver flowers beads dimensions (each): 3 x 3 mm

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Plating: Gold Plated
Size: Adjustable
Stone: Green Aghatas

SKU: PUL0106
Weight: 0.50

It is impossible not to feel the summer arriving with this Golden Islet Bracelet!
With agates and bamboos as key elements, the Golden Islet Bracelet & Green Agates is the perfect combination of natural stones with 925 sterling silver plated with 18 kt gold.
In Islamic culture, the agates are very precious stones. According to tradition, it is believed that the bearer of an agate is protected from various misfortunes and will enjoy a long life.
Like agates, bamboo stone also stands out for its highly protective and healing energy, making the Golden Islet Bracelet more than a jewel, an amulet.
Capable of fitting into a fun, casual or even professional outfit, this Islet Bracelet is a must-have that everyone loves.
The Golden Islet Bracelet & Green Agates can be combined with the other Islet Bracelets available in our Halo collection.

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